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Microsoft Surface 2.0 Designer Training Course Graphics and Skin View project More about this project →

Microsoft Surface 2.0 Designer Training Course Graphics and Skin

Worked closely with Microsoft Designers and Developers on the Surface team to create e- learning training around the interface and design best practices for the Microsoft Surface 2.0 SDK and Training. Additionally, I worked with the Surface team to design a metro styled skin based on the Surface 2.0 brand. Silverlight 4.0, Surface 2.0 SDK TAP, Adobe Illustrator, Luminosity Studio, Visual Studio 2010, Expression Blend

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~Websites / Interactive~
Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Poster View project More about this project →

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Poster

Technical overview poster for SQL Server 2008. Features the 5 primary offerings as color coded regions positioned to show the relationship between each section. Worked with Each team at Microsoft to establish the overall content and visual representation of each offering. Developed custom graphical assets, icons and layouts. Focused on technical accuracy, useability and optimization across multiple form factors.

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~Print / Poster / Illustration~
Microsoft SAAS Interactive Poster Website View project More about this project →

Microsoft SAAS Interactive Poster Website

Created a data driven version of an existing poster that features real time XML based localization including support for R-L character sets. Custom controls designed to expand and collapse to adjust for the difference in text length. Similar in concept to DeepZoom technology in general interface but is driven by XAML vector content to provide data binding.

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AT&T 2010 Certified Solutions Catalog View project More about this project →

AT&T 2010 Certified Solutions Catalog

Printed catalog of solutions that have been certified with AT&T. This catalog was created in 2009 to update the existing catalog with new content and design guidelines. Rather than create a simple linear list of solutions, the catalog is categorized in two different ways; by solution vertical(telecommunications, manufacturing, legal...etc) and cross industry (security, email, VPN...etc). A Content Management System was created to store and manage the catalog data.Images, logos and content was then imported and laid out dynamically so that content could be easily edited and changed without having to manually edit the document.

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~Print / Book / CMS~
Content Master Website, Photography and Development View project More about this project →

Content Master Website, Photography and Development

Design and Development of the Content Master website. I created a long panoramic photograph of the Seattle Waterfront by stitching together multiple photographs. The image stitching was done manually using Photoshop. Once the panoramic was generated, the image was then split into multiple layers based on how close the objects were. The foreground has the iconic Seattle Space Needle and a few others separated from the background so that dynamic cloud effects could appear to flow through the city. A few randomly blinking lights further enhanced the overall effect. When the user clicks between sections, the entire city blurs and moves to the chosen section. Flash, AS3, Photoshop

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Victory Lap - POC View project More about this project →

Victory Lap - POC

Concepting and ui/ux design for a multi-tier, ranking, award, social and BI app. Created to show how gameification, social networking and Big Data could be used to enhance the Mobile device user experience. The system was intended to be run from a Cloud service to provide realtime data and allow for large scale computing to power the results and drive the dynamic UI elements. The overall visual design was intentially kept sparce and limited to using color for communication purposes. The actual branding of the final system would be based on the system palette of the device. Designed at Content Master with Chad Lundberg.

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~Application / Interactive~
MSDN View project More about this project →

MSDN "Take The Tour" - Prototype Silverlight UI

Prototype UI developed for MSDN "Take The Tour. XML driven to allow for rapid content updates Utilizes perspective transforms and multi-state animations to give the illusion of the virtual info panes flying through 3D space. Vector based controls used animated gradients to give the panes dynamic lighting effects. The left navigation used a custom "Fisheye" style that increases the size of the item that is hoverd over. Touch swipe was also added to utilize touchscreens.

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~Websites / Interactive~ v1.0 - Student Portfolio Flash Website View project More about this project → v1.0 - Student Portfolio Flash Website

Flash based Student Portfolio Website. I photographed a remote area of Alaska during the summer solstice. 8 photos taken from my Nikon D70 were stitched together to form a single image. The foreground, mid and background were seperated into layers and saved as transparent .png images. They were imported into Flash as seperate layers and custom mouse interaction and parallax code allowed the scene to appear realistic. Randomized clouds moved behind the hills to give a sense of motion and reality. When the scene moves towards the left, the lens flare from the sun rotates into position. The project icons animate into position virtually infront of the whole scene. They also blur similar to depth of field and fly into focus. The custom mouse code comes from very first portfolio website ( 2003) where I allow the content to automatically scroll in relation to the mouse position in a way that lets them see content off screen. In the case of the parallax scene, the mouse allows the user to see my projects by simply moving the mouse across the scene. A motion blur effect was also added to the project icons and varies based on the mouse acceleration values.

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~Websites / Interactive / Photography~
Slide View / Multi View UI Design View project More about this project →

Slide View / Multi View UI Design

Slideview is a concept that goes back to my days at The Art Institute of Seattle. I designed an interface that broke from the normal rules and created a design where the items were large horizonral sliding icons. An Icon can represent a folder or an individual item and changes layout to help communicate the differences. Multi-Touch and Swipe support were added to utilize the new and cutting edge multi-touch interfaces on the market at the time. The ui was data-bound to an xml file or Sharepoint list that has a matching file structue to hold the images. Multiple views were added so the user can switch between Slide, Grid and List views.

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Open Road Winery Photography View project More about this project →

Open Road Winery Photography

Photographic concepts for Open Road Winery. I used retro SLR lenses with adaptors on my Sony NEX 5n mirrorless camera. Most of the variations came from using alternate color light sources and changing lenses. Most of this series were shot on a 80's Minolta 50mm f1.4 manual focus lens. This gave me good sharpness but a narrow depth of field which I used to separate the bottle from the background. The older lens has a distinct look compared to the factory lens that came with my NEX. Using an f1.4 allowed me to illuminate the scene using only tea candles while still keeping the exposure short to minimize any vibration.

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